Rilasciato Messenger Plus! Live 4.9 con supporto parziale a Messenger 2011!

E’ stata da poco rilasciata la nuova versione di Messenger Plus! Live, il celebre Addon per Windows Live Messenger.

Questa nuova versione aggiunge il Supporto a Messenger 2011, di seguito il changelog completo:

Messenger Plus! Live 4.90.392 (12/10/2010)
Compatibility with Messenger 2011 Beta 1 has been removed and replaced by compatibility with the Final version (still un-supported and requires disabling safe mode).
  • Skinning is now supported in Messenger 2011 with the exception of custom window shapes.
  • Skinning: UIB files can all be properly decoded and re-encoded (windows definitions and styles can be skinned).
  • Skinning: resources from new locations are now extracted from Messenger.
  • Skinning: comments enclosed in “/* */” are now supported in style files.
  • Once the installation is completed succesfully, a web based ‘Thank you’ page will be launched.
  • Once the uninstallation is completed succesfully, a call is made to Messenger Plus! servers for statistical purpose.

Per poter sfruttare questa versione dovrete disabilitare la “Safe Mode” tramite il menu ed effettuare un riavvio di Messenger. I nick ed i messaggi personali, per il momento, continuano a non essere supportati.

Download | Messenger Plus! Live 4.9

Grazie a Oliver per la segnalazione